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Bryson Doing Bryson

Bryson DeChambeau.  Unless you’ve been buried under a rock, or more accurately, been living on another planet for the past year or so, (and also consider yourself a sports fan….and I’m talking all sports, not just golf) when you hear that name, (in my “nobody cares and definitely doesn’t’ matter” opinion) it sparks a heavier emotion or some type of opinion/reaction than most golfers or in some cases, athletes in general don’t usually spark.  He’s a hot button topic.

He’s one of those guys…people love to hate him, or hate to love him. He’s 28 years old, a proven winner, a major winner, a contender in any tournament he enters for another ten years….anyone who knows golf shouldn’t argue that point.  He’s got that kind of game.  He rocks untraditional shafts in his bag, has a very data driven approach to his rounds and wears his thoughts/heart/emotions on his sleeve.  He has or had, (not sure where things stand with them following the Ryder Cup) public beef with Nike’s golf goliath and 4-time major winner Brooks Koepka and their feud has been a press conference topic since 2019. Like I said unless you’ve been on another planet, you’re familiar with the storyline.

So where am I going with all this, right?!  I love Bryson doing Bryson.  I love what he’s doing for the game of golf. I love the idea of how something so traditional is being challenged.  I love that people hate him and despite the ridicule and “Brooksy” type of treatment he’s gotten week in and week out…he keeps plowing forward with his pedal to the floor.  Since September he’s been grinding it out in the playoffs, with a legitimate shot at the FedEx Cup, right to Ryder Cup and then, when most other top talents like himself in golf are taking some time to recharge, he hops a flight to Nevada to compete in the Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship where he makes it to the final 8. It’s actually surprising he didn’t try to play in the Sanderson Farms tourney at the same time.

Give credit where credit is due.  Anxiously awaiting what’s next from him.