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Capital One’s The Match Returns!

It’s time for another edition of Capital One’s The Match.  We’ve reached the sixth edition of this exhibition and coming June 1st is an NFL 4-some teeing it up in Las Vegas.  Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are taking on Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in a heads up match designed to entertain and raise money for charity, but will no doubt draw plenty of competition from the NFL’s elite QBs.

I’m not entirely sure I love the selections for participants this year, as there are no professional golfers on the tee sheet.  I understand that this is a novelty event, but when you watch golf on TV, don’t you want to watch good golf?  Players making great shot, after great shot.  As humbling as it is to watch some of the most recognizable names in sports become human on the golf course, watching terrible golf is not fun, nor engaging.  So it’ll be interesting to see the ratings, viewership and audience data after the event has completed.

Nonetheless, I’ll watch at the start, and flip back and forth between other programming because there will be some good content, but if this event doesn’t include any tour players actual playing, I think it’s a huge miss.  Hopefully that comes into consideration for what is sure to return for another edition this fall around Thanksgiving.