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Want a chair on the 18th green at Augusta National? No problem!

Having the chance to attend an event like the Masters is certainly a bucket list trip for most fans.  But what if you could guarantee that your chair would be right next to the 18th green on Sunday? Good news, you can.  Unlike many other golf events, when you place a chair anywhere on the course at Augusta National and insert your business card in the provided slot, no one will move it.  Pretty cool, huh?  One of the many program enhancements we offer is chair placement.  For a nominal fee of $350 per chair, we’ll send our staff out at the crack of dawn, the moment the gates open to place your chair right where you want it.  While we cannot guarantee you a row, we can guarantee that you’ll be right up close to the action.

If you’re interested in learning more, or putting your request in now just email sales@azaleahospitality.com.



Picture taken at 2016 BMW Championship, only used to represent the experience of being close!